1. How do I request a new website, module or another web-related service?

Click here, log in to Service Now and request a service.You will contact UNT System's IT Shared Services Central Web Services Office for web-related services. Submit an online service request through UNT System's ServiceNow web application using your EUID and password to log in. TIP: In the search bar, enter CWS; your options from the catalog will be refined to help you search for the services offered.

Central Web Services staff members will respond to support requests submitted via ServiceNow, the UNT online ticketing system.

Steps for submitting a ServiceNow request for website support: follow the instructions below.

Note: To provide a web-development contractor with special access to your website, follow instructions from UNT System ITSS.

Common CWS Services for UNT Drupal Users • Check the ServiceNow Catalog for other services

1. In a web browser, go to http://ithelp.unt.edu and log in with your EUID and password.
2. Go to Request a Service > Web Services > Internet, then select the item that best describes your request or issue. 
3. Complete the form, then click Order Now. You should receive an email confirmation of your request for services.

Request a new UNT website Grant WebDAV access to website
Report an issue with a website hosted by CWS Delete a URL redirect
Change an existing URL redirect Add a URL redirect
Migrate website from development to production status Clone website from production to development status

2. Is using the AP Stylebook really necessary for creating web content in Drupal?

The first reference source for University of North Texas style is the Associated Press Stylebook. For some longer documents – more than 13 pages in length, The Chicago Manual of Style may be used. For material not covered by the AP Stylebook, URCM directs UNT communicators to use Webster’s New World College Dictionary, fourth edition, for spelling, style, usage and foreign geographic names. UNT access to the AP Stylebook. Beyond the AP Stylebook, you also will need a complementary publication called the UNT Styleguide. Styleguide version 072617.

An example of an entry in the AP Stylebook.

Example of an entry in the AP Stylebook.

3. How do I log into my department's website?

4. Where can I find accurate content about UNT for my site?

Check out the UNT Fact Site, a web-based resource to help faculty and staff across the university create accurate content for materials about UNT. This can include brochures, newsletters and letters for advertising, videos and websites or other communication.

In the site, you will find
        • Facts and figures that are approved and vetted for use
        • Preferred language for showcasing UNT 

All information in the UNT Fact Site has been approved by UNT’s Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness and the Division of University Relations, Communications and Marketing. To use the Fact Site, log in with your EUID and password. Currently, only authorized individuals may access the website. If you do not have access, but would like to request access, please contact facts@unt.edu.

5. How do I make technical edits to my site in Drupal 7?

6. What's a hero image? How do I add a large image, hero image, on my front page?

7. Where can I get some essential training about Google Analytics for my website?

Google Analytics information is available to UNT students and employees in an online video course through LyndaCampus. The course is about four hours long. Log in to Lynda.com with your UNT credentials to learn about Google Analytics, the industry standard for tracking, analyzing, and reporting site data. Knowing how to use Google Analytics correctly will help you measure site traffic, SEO, engagement and even activity on social media. This course shows you how to get set up in Google Analytics and glean insights from each of the reports. Once you have logged into Lynda.com, search for "Google Analytics Essential Training."

8.  Where can I find some help with Drupal at UNT?

  • Check out the Drupal Support page.
  • Central Web Services, part of UNT System IT Shared Services, conducts regular office hours. Please refer to CWS for more information
  • Contact your IT department for information.
  • Members of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and College of Science may email CAS-WebArchitecture@unt.edu for assistance.
  • The University IT Help Desk also is available and will help you find a resource, such as a KnowledgeBase article, or refer you to someone who can address your issue. Contact the UIT Drupal Help Desk at 940-565-4068 or email unt.uit@unt.edu.