Drop-Down Menu

dropdown menu example 1. To add a page to drop-down from your Main Menu:

  • Create the page that you want linked, then
  • In the Admin Bar/User Bar click on Structure > Menus > Main Menu > Add link.
  • Add the name to be used for the link in the menu, e.g., Current Students;
  • Add the path. Remember: If the link is internal to the site you are working on, use a relative link, not an absolute link. See the Drupal Glossary, if you're not sure.
  • Click on Show as expanded, if the link is a "child" of the parent menu item and you want it to display.
  • To add a page that already has a menu or from an already created page, look toward the bottom of the page for Advanced Layout Options. Under that heading you should see Menu settings.
  • If you see the Menu settings, click Provide a menu link, then look for Parent item and use the arrow to find the name of the menu to which you want to add the new page.
  • Click Save.

Add a drop-down item to with no existing Menu

  • Unless a menu is already made for that content type or page on which you need it, you will have to make a new one. Go to the On-Page menu and see how make an on-page menu first.

2. To add a drop-down item for an existing menu—basically, to have another option appear to the right of a drop-down option, simply assign a page’s parent item as whatever menu item you would like it to appear beside. This is done in the Parent item box circled in red in the image on this page.

3. To make a drop-down menu automatically appear when the mouse hovers over its parent item, e.g., upon hovering over “Graduate,” in the main menu image on this page, the drop-down menu appears, go to Structure>Menus>Home.
Next, click edit for the parent item, e.g., in the image on this page, see Graduate, and where you wish the drop-down menu link to appear. Check the box for Show as expanded, then Save, and the drop-down menu will appear automatically when hovered over.

Menu settings for dropdown menu