On-Page Menu

Create a Menu

So you want a menu to appear on your page—on the left- or right-hand of the page? Let's get started.

  •  Go to Structure>Menus>Add Menu, then give the menu a title (which will appear on the visible menu) and Save. When you're adding/creating a menu, it automatically creates a block.
  • Click + Add link, give the link a title, then assign the link a “path” (a URL that the link will lead to when clicked on). Add other links that you wish to appear on the menu.

After you save each link, you will be redirected to the main menu’s list of links, where you can adjust the order of menu items/links by moving button. Click save configuration to save this order.

Note: To access these menus, you can also go to “Structure,” “Menus,” and select the menu you wish to edit or view.

Add link to the menu

Configure Block

  • Now, go to Userbar >> Structure >> Blocks, then scroll down and select for the Menu you just created. It should be under Disabled.
  • From here, click on configure of the page. It should appear as a page where you can give title of the block. Another option could be REGION SETTINGS which specify in which themes and regions this block is displayed.
  •  Next, Visibility settings where you can see below options.

Pages: Select the any option under Show block on specific pages or write the page or node name where this menu should be visible.

Content types: Select at the bottom-left of the page, show block for all content types.

Role: display block for whatever users you want to see the menu. If you do not select any roles, the block will be visible to all users. Then click save block.

Users: Allow individual users to customize the visibility of this block in their account settings. Click Save block.

Next, go to the “edit” mode of the Basic Page that you want the menu to be displayed on.

At the bottom of the page, select the “Display settings” tab, and then under View mode, select the view mode that you just created above (the one that has the menu that you created already engrained in its display)


Now, save, and there you are!

A menu will be displayed on your page.

On page menu example