Front-Page Information

  • To edit the Site Name (circled below), go to Configuration on the user bar, look to the System section on the top right, and select Site Information. You can see site Details. Here you can add the site name. As shown in the below image you can add department name above the site name. To add department name, go to the department section under the site details. You can add Department name and save it at the bottom Save Configuration.

header of the website

  • Here, you can also edit the information at the bottom of your site (circled below). To edit these areas, go to the Department Information, Contact Information, and Social Media sections.

footer of the website

Front Page URL

To set the front page of your website as anything other than its basic URL (, in the User Bar, find Configuration, scroll down to System, then find Site Information and look at the front page section toward the bottom of the Site Information page.

Configuration>System>Site Information

In the Default front page box, fill in the rest of the URL with the necessary addendum. Then scroll down and save configuration.

Page Redirects

  •  To add or change URL redirects (or make a page redirect to another), go to configuration, Search and Metadata, then URL redirects. Click + Add redirect, and add or complete the From* and To* URLs. save.
  •  You can also go to edit mode for a page, then scroll down and select the URl redirects tab. Select + Add URL redirects to this page , complete the URL for the Form* page you wish to lead to this page, and save.