Drupal Resources

This page is one of the UNT resources provided to help UNT website custodians and maintainers edit and maintain a department's website when no technical web developer is on staff.  Note to CLASS and CoS Members: Drupal assistance for College of Liberal Art and Social Science and College of Science is available through Michele Hindman or Cyrus Haskell.

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Learning Drupal through UNT Training

UNT Drupal web developers from the URCM, academic areas and AITS are part of the cadre of teachers who volunteer their time to conduct training sessions for full-time staff members. The classes are coordinated by University IT. Check the Drupal Calendar for upcoming clinics or training sessions.

Learning Drupal through LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning
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The following order is one of many options.
Drupal 7 Essential Training, beginner level
HTML Essential Training, beginner level
Cascading Style Sheets Fundamentals, CSS, beginner level
JavaScript for Web Designers, beginner level
Introducing PHP, server-side language used to build dynamic websites, beginner level 
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