User Management

Granting Access

To add a user to a Drupal 7 website, go to the user bar. Select People. Don't go down, just select People.Once you're on that page, select +Add User (Pictured on right in red circle).Add a user

For a UNT Drupal website, use the new user’s UNT EUID as the Username * and user’s email address E-mail address * (required to give while adding a new user).

Note: Enter a password—any password—the password you enter is irrelevant, because as the user logs in, the system will associate their EUID with their UNT system password.

When the new user signs in, valid UNT credentials will be required: EUID and UNT portal password.

Next, select the new user’s Status as Active, then select all options listed under Roles. There’s no need to enable 'Notify user of new account', and you will skip the LDAP OPTIONS. At the end click on the Create new accont button.

Editing Access

To edit a current user’s permissions, in the userbar hover on the People. People page is under two tab, LIST would be seen while clicking on the People from the userbar.

Under the LIST page you can see the list of the user those are created. For any user you would like to chnage or edit, go to edit under OPTIONS for the user’s row, and edit as you like. I myself don’t know what the different permissions mean; for any user who will be making edits, I typically would give them all permissions.

Deleting Access

To delete or disable a user (from the page mentioned above-LIST), go to the dropdown box pictured to the below. Here, you can select users and block, unblock, and cancel their accounts, as well as add to or remove from their roles.update option

Press the “Update” button to save changes.