Achieving UNT Style

Associated Press Stylebook

Associated Press Stylebook or AP Stylebook: You may look on Wikipedia for a quick definition, but still wonder what it has to do with your website at UNT.

The first reference source for University of North Texas style is the Associated Press Stylebook. For posting longer documents to the web – more than 13 pages in length, The Chicago Manual of Style may be used. For material not covered by the AP Stylebook, URCM directs us to use Webster’s New World College Dictionary, fourth edition, for spelling, style, usage and foreign geographic names. UNT online access to the AP Stylebook. Available at Barnes and Noble. UNT Drupal Training handout.

UNT Styleguide

To access the UNT Styleguide, go to the UNT Facts website and log in with your valid UNT credentials, EUID and password.

UNT Identity Guide

For more information about creating the UNT look, visit the UNT Identity Guide.