Page Jump

Sometimes, a page has a lot of content on it. Page jumps help you to go quickly to a section of that page, either via an outside link, or a “table of contents” or link on the page itself.

In-Page Jumps

tool box

  • For both of the following options, go to edit mode. Highlight the text/image that’s at the top of the section you want to jump to. Then, click on the anchor button , and give the anchor a name (pictured right).

Then, highlight the text/image that you want to lead to the section of them page that you just set as the anchor.

Select the link button and under “Link Type,” select “Link to anchor in the text” (pictured below).

anchor property option

  • Within the “Select an Anchor” box (pictured left), and under “By Anchor Name,” choose the anchor you just made and then click OK.
  • Click save at the bottom of the page when you’re done.

Out-of-page Jumps

What if you wanted an outside link to lead to that anchor you just made? Easy!

Note: You will have had to completed In-Page Jumps before Out-Page Jumps.

  • After saving, click on the link that you made. That’ll jump you down to the anchor itself, but notice that the URL at the top of your screen changed.

  • Copy and paste this new URL to other pages that you make, and it’ll lead right to that “subset” of the page.

Deleting Anchors/Jumps

To remove the link to the anchor, click on the text that’s linked to it and click

To remove or edit the anchor itself, right click on the anchor (there will be a     next to it) and select “Edit Anchor” (to change the name) or “Remove Anchor.”

Note: If you change the anchor’s name, its URL will change. You’ll need to edit any places where you put that link – the old one won’t work. Remember to all your work!

Remember to save all your work!