How to create a page

1. Click "Content" in the admin menu

While logged in as a site editor, look for and click on the Content link in the site admin menu at the top of the website. (If you don't see Content, click on Manage in the top black admin bar to toggle the options.)

2. Click "Add content" on the content page

Next, click the Add content button.

3. Choose which type of page to create

Choose which kind of page you want to create from the available options. If you aren't sure, here are descriptions of the ones used for most page content on the site:

  • Basic pages are used for regular content that doesn't necessarily belong to a specific department or program. (If in doubt, go with a basic page.)
  • The type of page depends on what you add or already has been added via the Structure.

4. Create your page

Fill in the fields for your page. Depending on which type of page you chose to create, you may get different options. For more information on these field options, you can look at the documentation on the following page types:

5. Optionally add page to site's menu

If this page needs to be added to the site's main menu structure, you can add it via the Menu settings tab while editing the page. The tab may show up either to the right or below the page's fields, depending on your screen size.

After opening the Menu settings tab, click the Provide a menu link checkbox. More options will become available to you. The ones you may want to edit are Menu link title and Parent item.

Menu link title is the text that shows up in the menu. By default, this field may automatically populate with the title you've given the page. However, if you want to give it a slightly different title in the menu, you can do it here. This is especially useful when the title of your page is long, but you'd like the link in the menu to be shorter (e.g., "Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design" versus "Communication Design (BFA)").

Parent item determines where the page will be placed in the menu structure. Set the parent item to the section of the site you want your page to be under. An example: A new BFA degree program offered by the Department of Studio Art needs to be added to the site. Its parent item would be Department of Studio Art, under <Main navigation> » Programs of Study » Undergraduate » Department of Studio Art.

6. Save the page

Click the Save button at the bottom of the page editor once you're ready to save your progress.