Getting Started

You have a website! So, cool. Now what?

Someone—one of the website’s current users, or whoever assigned you to the work on the website—will have to set up with a user account for you. Provide your UNT enterprise user identification, EUID, to be used as your username. You will need administrative or editing rights to make changes to the web pages you are assigned to maintain.

Note: Information about how to grant someone else access is described in the section called User Management.

To manage your Drupal 7 website, log into the user page—“”—with your UNT credentials: your EUID, and password.

Then, you can get started.

Throughout this user's guide, a user bar, also called the admin bar, will be mentioned as a means through which to access/manage a Drupal 7 site. Once you have rights to access the site and log in, the user bar should appear at the top left of your screen. If it doesn’t appear there, contact the person who gave you access rights and ask them to check on the rights you need.

User Bar

user bar or admin bar

The User Bar contains the tools needed to configure your website. Lightly hover over each word to explore the tools contained in each drop-down menu. The home page of your website can be reached by clicking the little house icon found on the far left.

“But what if I need help? I mean, an actual person who knows Drupal inside and out?”

Drupal can be a beast. That is why we have monthly Drupal Clinics—usually in Chilton Hall, Room 270. Check the calendar for the upcoming meetings where you will find the URCM web developers and UNT Central Web Services system administrators who develop and manage UNT's Drupal content management system. In the meantime, using your favorite online search engine is a great resource for finding out how to use Drupal (and, well, anything), but go to the Other Resources page to learn more about UNT’s website-management resources and offices, as well as other helpful websites.

Note: To search for a specific topic, enter a word in this site's search bar, then type in the search term that you seek, then press enter.