Drupal Support: Clinics, Training Schedule

Need training or just have a question?

Along the way, you may need training or have a question about your work in the UNT Drupal content management system. Here you will learn how to request training, who in your department can help and the dates for upcoming Drupal Clinic sessions.

Training Sessions: You may request a training session by sending an email to Drupal Help, with the topic or skill you wish to learn included in the message. Prerequisite for all Drupal training sessions: must have login rights to a UNT website.

Have you asked for help in your college/division/department?

University Web Manager: Michele Hindman

College of Business: Shawn Weems
College of Education: Vacant
College of Engineering: Xiaozhong Luo
College of Health and Public Service: Vacant
College of Information: Adam Chavez
College of Liberal Arts and Social Science: Michele Hindman
College of Music: Matt Hardman
College of Science: Michele Hindman
College of Visual Arts and Design: Monica Scott
Frank W. and Sue Mayborn School of Journalism: Jacob Straka
Honors College: Roy Zumwalt

Toulouse Graduate School: Jeremiah Mark
Division of Academic Affairs/Provost: Michele Hindman
Division of Advancement: Ellie Williams
Division of Athletics: By Contract
Division of Enrollment: Vacant
Division of Finance and Administration: Margarita Venegas
Division of Student Affairs: Kara Ottinger
Division of Research and Innovation: Julian Quintero
Division of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access: James Jackson
Division of Digital Strategy and Innovation: Dan Wenk